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What Does Sutton Secur Cover? Plenty!

Buying and selling real estate is no simple matter. Even when guided by a team of professionals who excel in their field, problems can occur when buying or selling a property.

It’s in this light that Sutton – Québec has launched an innovative new legal protection program for buyers and sellers: Sutton Secur.

The Sutton Secur program offers up to $3000 in legal fees in the case of a conflict or dispute related to the purchase or sale of a home. Should a problem arise, an attorney is dispatched within 24 hours to help bring the situation resolution in the most rapid and cost-effective manner and the program comes at no cost to you.

But many such programs, while they sound good on the surface, are filled with exclusions and fine print that in the end make them of little use in the myriad of situations that can arise from the sale or purchase of a home.

What about Sutton Secur? Just what type of issues does the certificate cover? And what, if anything, is excluded?

Voilà, the topic of this post!

Sutton Secur: Types of Properties Covered

The Sutton Secur program is unique on the marketplace due to the vast coverage it offers both in terms of issues or conflicts and types of properties, especially due to the fact that the Sutton secure certificate is valid to help with issues or conflicts related to types of properties that are often completely excluded from other programs.

Sutton Secur offers coverage for:

    • Residential properties
    • Condos
    • Secondary homes (even if not inhabited)
    • Rental properties
    • Estate sales
    • Homes sold without legal warranty


It’s easy to think that if you buy or sell a property without legal warranty, you waive your right to recourse in the case of a problem. But this isn’t actually the case. Even if your real estate transaction is concluded without legal warranty, a Sutton Secur certificate can still be of value.

By law in Quebec, a seller must disclose all known defects, even when selling without legal warranty. If the seller fails to do so and knowingly sells the property without disclosing known defects, the buyer may have legal recourse.

In this same vein, the Sutton Secur coverage can be of use for other issues or conflicts that could arise when selling a property without legal warranty, such as issues related to servitude it disputes between parties such as between neighbours or landlord and tenant.

Sutton Secur: Types of Conflicts and Issued Covered

The Sutton Secur certificate covers a vast array of issues that can arise before, during or after the transaction.

Hidden Defects

Hidden defects are one of the most common issues that can arise following the purchase or sale of a home. Your Sutton Secur certificate can be used to help you oblige the seller to correct the problem or obtain compensation for the cost of repairs, renovations or damages.

The most common hidden defects include:

    • Infestation
    • Mould
    • Cracked foundation
    • Leaks
    • Plumbing problem
    • Heating or cooling problem
    • Electrical or wiring problem
    • Environmental issues (such as contaminated soil)


Additionally, the Sutton Secur certificate is valid to cover legal costs if it is uncovered that a violent death or suicide occurred in the home, or found that the home has ties to organized crime or housed criminal activity, both of which can be considered hidden defects under the law.


The Sutton Secur certificate also covers you should a dispute or conflict arise in any of the following cases:

    1. A conflict with neighbours
    2. A conflict dispute between landlord and tenant
    3. Issues relating to access to or limits of your property
    4. Passation of title
    5. Non-fulfillment of contractual obligations
    6. Refusal by contracting party
    7. Death of contracting party
    8. Financing related to the property

    Should any of these or similar issues arise, your Sutton Secur attorney can intervene on your behalf and work to find a solution, or take steps to obtain compensation for you.

    Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments and we’ll let you know if it’s covered. Chances are it is!

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